“If I had to do it all over again, I would again 100% choose to live at Fleury! Not only do you get the rare opportunity to live in a beautiful, historic French chateau, but you also get to become part of a community—a family during your time at INSEAD. From Fleury dinners in the common room to some of the best parties, the memories, experiences, and friendships you create and share with your fellow Fleurysiens will stay with you long after graduation!

P.S. Don’t be worried about having to have a car: 1) it’s only a 12 min drive to campus, 2) having a car makes for easy road trips to explore France and surrounding regions!”

Matt. 18D

“I usually don’t write reviews but in this case I have to note an effort that was above and beyond. When I was in need of getting some important documents Simon was willing and able to not only help procure them but he had also did the tremendous favour of bringing them to the train ststion after hours. Truly went the extra step to do this. Much appreciated to Simon.”

Chris Jeffery. Dec 2018

“It was a true pleasure to meet you. You were always supportive with our gatherings and it felt very welcoming.
Fleury is such a beautiful house. What a pleasure it was to come through the gate everyday, into a world of squares and ovals, alternating around you against the high surrounding walls. The proportions of the castle are brilliant, impressive and so elegant. I will dearly miss Fleury.”

Aymon. Dec 2018

“Staying at Maison d’Amis for a full year was a beautiful experience! My wife and I enjoyed the serenity and the privacy of the place as Fleury-en-Bière is the perfect choice for the break needed from the busy days of INSEAD and Fontainebleau. We loved the cosiness of the house and the beautiful nature all around us and the chateau, and the proximity to Centre Commercial Villiers-en-Bière made everything available. Thank you Simon for being a great host and always making sure we had the most comfortable stay!”

Wassim & Zeina. Jan 2018

“Fleury is a beautiful chateau located in a rural village nestled into the Fontainebleau Forest. It became a home away from home where I bonded with INSEADers over intimate dinners and big parties. Advantages include having your own space (no shared kitchens or bathrooms) to get away from the craziness of the MBA, and the beautiful running paths around the chateau”.

Isabelle. Dec 2016.

Many alumni friends had recommended to use the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and live in a French castle with a number of like-minded and interesting students. I followed this advice and stayed in Fleury for four months. I have to say I was not disappointed. My apartment was spacious and charming, I enjoyed living in the countryside (for a big change), and was almost looking forward to the early morning rides through the forest of Fontainebleau. Overall, the living situation was very special and unique.

Marvin. Dec 2016

Thank you again so much for everything! Living at Fleury was a highlight of my INSEAD career.

Nuri. Dec 2016

“I had an absolute amazing time living at Fleury. This was a truly great experience: a beautiful castle, very nice apartments and close to INSEAD. The perfect package. I really enjoyed it and can recommend it to anyone”.

Anton.16 January 2017

“Living in a chateau is always an amazing experience. But Château Fleury topped my expectations. The place has a magical touch that makes it charming. A strong recommendation for INSEAD students to fully enjoy living in the french countryside”.

Makram. December 2016

“Spent 4 amazing months living at Chateau Fleury. I moved there with 4 other good friends from Singy. It was a unique experience to live in such a beautiful place. We organised the best BBQs and parties, and also thank you very much to Simon for looking after us. One of the best decisions I’ve made at INSEAD”.

Rodrigo. 17 January 2017

“Chateau Fleury is an amazing place to stay. Beautiful, peaceful and a home outside of the INSEAD bubble. Perfect for dinner parties or party parties. The landlord Simon is really friendly, polite and very helpful. Located 15 minutes drive from campus, close to a gigantic supermarket in Villiers en Biere, as well as the lovely village of Barbizon, and if you like climbing, some of the best bouldering spots are a few minutes drive away”.

“Fleury is definitely the best place to stay if you are coming to the Fontainebleau campus”.

Edward. 17 December 2016

“Many thanks for everything. We had a great time at the Château. Hope to come back soon”.

Danilo.  December 2017

“Thanks for all the help this year at Fleury. It was one of the best experiences of my life living there”.

Presca. January 2017

This is the BEST place to live outside Fontainebleau. The Fleurysiens as we are called, sure know how to put on some good parties in the most beautiful surroundings in France! I doubt I’ll ever live in a Château again, so I didn’t want to miss this opportunity. Thanks to Simon too, who looked after us so well.

Alice. 15 December 2015

Dear Simon, Thank you for a wonderful 4 months, my apartment was huge and I loved all the beams and stone floors.

Immad. December 2015

“Chateau de Fleury is the coolest place to live, the parties, the park and the peace and quiet away from campus and Fonty helped keep me sane when things got really busy. I loved lying in bed listening to the bells ring from the Church”.

Valérie. January 2015


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